Illinois Transmission Project Ameren Illinois

Illinois Rivers Project


   Quick Facts

Length: Approximately 375 miles

Voltage: 345,000 volts

Final In-Service date of November 2018

Recent News

QUINCY -- Adams County Treasurer Terry Asher is accustomed to accepting large payments for the county, but even he was surprised last week.


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Why Do We Build Transmission Lines

First, it is important to understand the purpose of a transmission line. These lines carry high-voltage (100,000 volts and above) electricity for long distances to deliver energy from power plants to your home or business. Common transmission line voltages include 138,000 volts, 161,000 volts, 230,000 volts and 345,000 volts.

In order to get the power to you, transmission lines deliver electricity to substations, which reduce the electricity to lower voltages so it can travel through the distribution system to your home or business.

We build new transmission lines for two important reasons.

First, we build these lines to improve service reliability. This means fewer service outages, and when outages do occur, outages of shorter duration.

Second, we build new transmission lines to meet the growing need for safe, reliable electricity. New homes, new stores, new offices, new factories – they all need electricity, and they all call on us to deliver it. Also, consumers are using a growing number of electrically powered devices and equipment, which creates new demand for power. We must make certain we have enough transmission lines to supply the electricity our customers need.